How To Use A Laser RangeFinder

Laser RangeFinder

Rangefinders have come a long way from being used in the construction field to be used in sports. It is believed that a laser rangefinder is challenging to use as it has to be held steadily without which you will not get the proper distance. As with other things, over time and with practice you will be able to put it to good use. There are many brands and models of laser rangefinders available on many online resources like or offline. Many amateur golfers have started using these laser range finders to improve their game as per reports in Below are a few tips on how to use a laser rangefinder

Buy a rangefinder designed for golf: If you are buying a rangefinder for using it in your golf game, then buy a rangefinder specifically designed for golf. If you purchase other types of laser rangefinders and use it in golf, you will not be able to locate the flags on the golf course quickly.

Watch online videos on how to use: Based on the laser rangefinder you have purchased, you can view videos on how to use. Look for videos which have more views or videos created by experts or videos uploaded by the manufacturer. Take some time to find good ones as they will guide you properly on the usage. You should also check out videos made by professionals as well as amateurs as they share experiences based on their skill and experience and you might benefit from their tips.

Reading the instructions: You can read the manufacturer’s manual before or after watching the video. Some brands may not have the manual printed and sent along with the box; you can download it from the manufacturer’s online. Anything that you did not understand in the manual can be clarified watching videos or vice-versa. Start using the laser rangefinder by aiming at a faraway target and try to understand what is seen on display.

Start using it in a practice game: You can have a practice game to test your laser rangefinder. Aim at targets which are at a significant distance between 50 to 80 yards. You can also aim at any destination outside the golf course too. After a few tries, you should be able to learn how to get distances of even close by objects. If you are unable to interpret the information displayed, re-read the manual. Despite all this, if you still have trouble, ask someone who has already used a rangefinder to check. If the other person has a problem with it, then it may be a defective piece.

Won’t be easy the first time: Using laser rangefinders for the first time may not be very easy for many. You will need some time and practice to get accurate readings. You can verify if you have obtained accurate readings from the rangefinder by initially finding the distance the way you did before and later you can use your rangefinder and get the distance. If both the yardages match, you have learned how to use a rangefinder.